Thursday, July 22, 2010

Race Calander

So, I am not doing so well with the strength training.   I am getting at least one 45-60 minute session a week, but not much more.   Getting restless and wanting to race a bit more, so . . .signed up for a few.   Here is what my race calander is looking like for the rest of the year:

Maybe I will focus on more strengthening this winter?   LOL! 

Stats for the Week so far:
Monday:  50 minute run (? 5 miles)  legs were tired!
Tuesday:  Strength training 60 minutes
Wed:  19 mile bike (1:06)
Thursday:  2500 swim, 40:30 run (4 miles)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nice Tan!

You know your biking has been good, when you have tan lines from your riding gloves!  

My stats for the week:
Monday:  45:30 minute run (?4.6 miles)
Tuesday: 2500 swim, 45 minute strength
Wed:  40 minute run
Thursday:  2300 swim, 1:08 bike (19 miles)
Friday: rest
Saturday: ? 10 mile run - no timing
Sunday:  61 mile bike

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Tour De France

As a nod to the Tour and one of my favorite sports characters in the business, enjoy a little bit of Phil!

I LOVE the TDF.   It is absolutely my favorite sporting event to follow and watch on tv.   Needless to say, I have been glued to the TDF this past week already.   Thank goodness for DVR!   I can watch at my leisure now!    So, if you have any question about where I may be in the next few weeks, it is pretty safe to say that if I am not training or at work, then I am likely at home watching the TDF!  

My stats for the past few weeks:
6/30/10:  20 mile ride, 30 minute run, yoga (7 sun salutations)
7/1/10:  4 mile run (2x1 mile on 9:25), 20 minute stretch/strength
7/2/10: 2600 swim
7/3/10:  8.35 mile run, 22.4 mile bike
7/4/10:  36 mile ride
7/5/10:  5 mile race (9:45 avg pace), 48 mile bike ride
7/6/10:  2100 swim, 45 minute strength
7/7/10:  70 minute ride
7/8/10:  40 minute run
7/9/10:  rest (much needed)
7/10/10:  10 mile run
7/11/10:  57 mile ride, 20 minute run